Digital Fine Art Photography

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We take great pride in sharing our creativity with the world and are thrilled when people fall in love with our work enough to bring a piece into their home, office or business. We’ve all fallen in love with a picture at some point in our lives. It moves us visually, emotionally, maybe even spiritually. It can trigger a feeling, or a memory. That’s the goal and hope we have for our work; to move you beyond standard stock art on your walls and into a world of endless visual possibilities.

All of our images are available for sale. We use an international printing company to create a high quality product for you whether you choose photo paper, canvas, metal or wood as your printing medium. We will work with you to create the perfect image within your budget and promise No high-pressure sales - Ever!

We approach each customer with 2 goals in mind:

  1. Work within your budget 

  2. Provide you with a great experience start to finish

As consumers, we despise high pressure sales. At no point, will you receive that treatment from us. That is our promise to you.

Our pricing is project specific because the price of each image is affected by:

  • The material you’d like the image printed on (paper, canvas, metal, etc), 

  • The size of image you choose

  • Whether you’d like us to frame the image for you.

I know it sounds like a lot, but that’s why we’re here; to walk you through all the details involved, simplify the process for you so you can sit back, relax and anxiously await the arrival of your favorite image from our collection.

If you see an image you’re interested in, please message us to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.


Photo Restoration Services

Digital photographs are a young technology in the grand scheme. A significant amount of our family memories are held in paper form. Paper that's fading, memories that are slowly being lost to the ravages of time. 

With the aid of cutting edge digital editing software, I am able to breathe new life into paper photographs that are slowly fading. In doing so, I can help you protect and preserve your personal history and treasured memories.

Photo Restore - Before.jpg


Photo Restore - After.jpg


The Process & Pricing

Mailing a one-of-a-kind image brings too many variables and a level of unpredictability with which we are not comfortable. The last thing we want is to know a family photograph was lost in the mail on its way to us. It would break our hearts to know a physical memory was lost.

To alleviate that chance, we start our process from a high-quality digital image, which we'll ask you to provide to us. This image will help start the conversation! Our pricing is project specific and is based on the amount of time needed to revive a damaged image. We’ll evaluate the image you provide and determine the amount of time needed to deliver to you a renewed, high quality image.

We will provide you with an official quote and the restoration process will not begin until we receive your approval. At that time, a $50 deposit will be requested for the project to begin.

Once your deposit is received, you can sit back and relax knowing we're working to give your faded image new life!

Once we've restored your image to meet our own personal high standards for quality, we'll share it with you for your final approval.  A final invoice is only sent once we know you are 100% satisfied!

Upon payment in full, final restored images will be sent to you electronically or mailed to you on a USB device, if you prefer, for your own safe keeping and printing.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that every image can be returned to its original glory. Some imperfections may remain. Significant fading and damage cannot always be restored. We work to revive the image within the parameters it gives us and prefer the restored image retains its original feel and authentic appearance.  

Basic photo retouch and digital files of final images - start at $100

Intensive photo restoration and digital files of final images – start at $200

If you, or someone you love, are slowly losing treasured memories and are desperate to preserve them, we can help!

Contact us to start a conversation. We pride ourselves on no-pressure, hassle-free customer service. We are here to help save memories!


White Glove Customer Service

DVI White Glove Experience

We are not stuffy people so we don’t want a stuffy website. 

We want our website to have less of an ecommerce feel and more of a friendly, chatty vibe.  That’s who we are as people and what we’ve found works best for customers when purchasing our art. We want to connect over a shared appreciation of color, beauty and creativity.

Life is busy and we all like things to be simple and easy, right!? (Yes, please!)

That’s why we’ve chosen to deliver a personalized White Glove experience to you from start to finish. We’ll handle all the mundane details and you get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind image we know you’ll be thrilled to hang in your home or office. It’s our goal for you to enjoy working with us from the moment you email us to the moment you hang your finished photograph on the wall. We want that image to be a constant reminder of a great experience. 

So at this point you’re probably thinking “So tell me how this works.” Well, I’d be happy to!

Once you see the image you can’t live without, simply message us through the website. This is the part where the White Glove Experience begins! 

From there, we'll walk through the process with you and chat about a few things like your budget, the size of image you envision in your home or office, the material you’d like the photograph to be printed on and whether you’d like us to frame it. We will work up some options within your budget range and review those with you for your approval. At this point in the process, we will ask you for a 50% deposit to start your order. 

Once payment is received, you can get back to life as you know it and we will handle the rest! Sounds nice, doesn’t it!?

We will keep you in the loop on your photograph’s status throughout the printing and/or framing process. When it is complete and meets our overall quality satisfaction standards, we will notify you and request the final 50% of the purchase price. Once your order is paid in full, we’ll ship your photograph to you right away. 

When you receive your image, if you’re not 100% satisfied, please notify us and we’ll work together to resolve the issue.