About Us

Who We Are

Behind Dulce Vida Images are Barbara and Larry; a husband and wife teaming up and doing what we each do best. Larry creates the art and I manage the website, social media and all things business related. He’ll tell you creating art is more his forte and writing is best left to me, which I’m completely fine with because I love this part.  That’s how our team works.  Husband makes art. Wife helps spread the word. It works well for us.

At the heart of our business, we believe that despite the hassles and stresses life can hand us, at its core, life is beautiful. We are presented moment by moment and day by day with opportunities of great beauty. Our senses don’t lie. Sights, sounds, smells, and experiences shape our reality. It’s the everyday hustle and madness that turns our attention away from those moments that offer respite in difficult times. 

We believe photographs have a tremendous power to tap into emotions, feelings, memories and imagination to help counteract everything else. 

As a couple, we love travel, good food, good wine, simple moments, and good friends. Regardless of where we travel, we prefer food, drink and art from the locals and firmly believe that’s where the heart of a country or area resides. 

As an individual, Larry loves ethnic food, a soft loaf of fresh bread with butter, all things horseradish, spicy food and a nice dark rum, preferably from Dominican Republic or Venezuela. He prides himself on good manners and chivalry (he always holds the door for a lady!) and believes you don’t need an art degree to be an artist. Everyone has the potential to be creative. It’s all about finding what helps you tap into that creativity.

Many years ago, he attempted to become a painter as a means of channeling his creativity, but somehow the brush did not connect well with his brain and what he wanted to create. He’ll tell you he couldn’t get what he saw in his head to come out of the brush.

It wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis in 2005, that he buried himself in his computer while enduring cancer treatment and came out on the other side of that dark time with a previously untapped talent. His camera and computer were the missing sparks for his creativity. Proof that even in darkness, light exists.

As an artist, Larry prides himself on being a self-taught digital artist harnessing the power of post-production editing software (which I think is pretty cool too!)

We share an appreciation for simple images, abstract shapes, bold colors, and breathtaking views. You’ll see that in Larry’s work. No two images are the same and it’s really hard for him to narrow his scope to just one style. That’s not who he is. He’s open-minded and works an image until it reveals itself. Each starts as a simple photograph and transforms into its final version over time. This can take hours or days. This can mean hours of work only to trash it and start over. There is no magic recipe of mouse clicks used because no image starts with a destination in mind. Each is an adventure for him that plays out with each mouse click within his software. 

As the other part of this team, I have a quick wit, love good sarcasm or snark, can get lost in a bag of salty crunchy snacks, and believe bread and cheese alone are proof that God wants us to be happy. I write like I talk (as you can probably tell!), am always on the move, never bored and love creating relationships with new people (we both do actually!). I am fascinated by people and never grow tired of hearing what draws people to our images. When you read a post, receive an email response or inquire about an image, it will be my voice you’re reading.

We each enjoy what we manage within our small business and are excited to create new relationships.